Microsoft Launches Azure Cloud Trust Center, Next-Gen Xbox To Require More Cloud Storage?

Windows Azure Customer Relations

Microsoft launches Trust Center in attempt to provide access to compliance information

A key relationship when using Windows Azure is between the customer and Microsoft, and parties’ trust

Microsoft’s cloud service, Windows Azure, relies on the trust between consumers the company. When that trust is broken, such as when the cloud service went down earlier this year, customers were unhappy. However, Microsoft is seeking to improve relationships through the Windows Azure Trust Center. Here’s what it means.

First, the Trust Center means Microsoft is responsible for the platform and Microsoft provides a service that meets different needs for different customers. This includes security and privacy, which is important because the service is cloud based and customer don’t have a control to a degree. Consumers don’t have the files on their computer which they can move around.

Second, Microsoft says that customer also have responsibility. The company says that customers are responsible for their environment including applications, virtual machines, access credentials and compliance with the requirements of their industry and location. Access credentials are the big one here, as customers have to make sure the cloud service can only be accessed by certain people. In a business this is especially important, as many pieces of information are going to be private.

Microsoft outlines these points because, when both parties work together, there is a “stable computing environment.”

Cloud integration: Xbox Live Users With More Cloud Storage?

Windows Azure is only one of Microsoft’s cloud services, with the storage service being pushed across Microsoft’s products. On Xbox Live we’re seeing cloud storage for games, though some users have reported inconsistent saves, while Windows 8 offer tight SkyDrive integration.

When the next-gen Xbox launches, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft approach cloud storage. Right now, everyone who’s connected to Xbox Live can use 500MB of storage for saves/downloadable content. With games likely to get larger, and DLC likely to get large as a result, cloud storage could become a viable option for many consumers. While Microsoft will probably offer a much bigger hard drive than the 20GB one that came with the launch Xbox 360, I suspect there will be different tiers of cloud storage and pricing structures.

Maybe there’ll be integration into SkyDrive, too, where users can view photos and videos that are on a Windows 8 PC or tablet.

Published: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 Last Modified: April 10, 2012

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