Microsoft Launches August Xbox One Update

The Xbox One from Microsoft continually is getting monthly updates, and its monthly updates are what is keeping it matches sales with Sony and its Playstation 4. On Monday, Microsoft announced that the latest August update is live, and brings a bunch of new features to owners.

Major Nelson in a video update via Youtube showed off the updates for Xbox One fans, and Microsoft is giving users bit by bit the ultimate next generation console. This set of new updates ranges from early digital downloads to 3D Blu-Ray support, and will please Xbox One owners.

Mobile Purchase and Activity Feeds

The first thing that Xbox One fans will notice and enjoy is the ability to purchase games and add-on content using the Xbox SmartGlass or on Now, users can purchase these items from the road, and if the unit is setup to update automatically, downloading the purchases for when you get home. This is a top request from Microsoft’s forums.

Next up, a new activity feed is available for Xbox One gamers. This will allow users to share game clips, like and comment on friends feeds, and have a personal feed of their own to enjoy. Users can see these when online, via the Xbox SmartGlass app on various formats, and show it off to other friends.

Microsoft's Major Nelson Announces Availability Of August Update For Xbox One

Battery Notifications & More

The other updates issued by Microsoft are minor, but still give users requested features. A low battery notification will signal onscreen when a controller battery gets low. This will make a huge difference when gamers play long sessions, and their battery goes out before they do.

Lastly, notifications can now be turned off during video playback. Also, 3D Blu-Ray functionality will be added to the Xbox One, but of course needs a 3D TV to play it back. The final update is the ability to show friends and how long its been since they have been online. It wil show the person last seen, and from what game. This came from Xbox Feedback, and is a sign that Microsoft is listening to its users.

These updates are live and available now. Watch the video and enjoy Microsoft’s listening to gamers once again.

Published: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 Last Modified: August 19, 2014

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