Microsoft Lands Minecraft On Xbox One In August

Minecraft is one of those games that you either get or you don’t get, but its worldwide group of fans numbers easily in the millions. On Wednesday, Microsoft via Major Nelson announced that the title would be coming to the Xbox One in August, pleasing many fans for sure.

Minecraft is one of the more popular games online, and features thousands of gameplay videos on Youtube if you’ve never heard of it. With its move to the Xbox One, this mwill give a greater group of fans interested in the Xbox One, and make them interested in the platform.

Microsoft Announces Launch Of Minecraft On Xbox One In August

Minecraft Xbox One Details

Minecraft is expected to be released in August, and for people who own the game on the Xbox 360 or PS3, they can upgrade to the newer version for only $5. This very affordable upgrade will make the transition from Minecraft on the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One a very easy one, and will make them want to get it.

Of course, those looking to purchase the newer version of the game will be able to do that, for only $20. It’s still a very affordable game with hundreds of if not thousands of hours of gameplay available for users. Minecraft is a complicated but fun puzzle and strategy adventure, and Xbox One users get it in August.

Microsoft's Xbox One Version Of Minecraft Arriving Soon

What Does Minecraft Mean For Microsoft?

By getting Minecraft on the Xbox One, users will be able to get one of the hottest games on its next-generation platform. It’s a game that both children and adults play religiously, and a game that has a ton of fans. It has a lot of people wanting it on the Xbox One and this means it will be here soon.

Microsoft can hope to boost sales of the Xbox One with this latest addition. Granted, the game is arriving on both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, but it means the game is evolving past the older generation consoles. It will be affordable on each platform, and we would be shocked is a Minecraft themed Xbox One wasn’t already in development.

Minecraft is a fun and popular game, and soon will be a Xbox One title. Microsoft did a good job to grab it, and should be a best seller before long.

Published: Friday, May 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: May 23, 2014

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