Microsoft Kinect – Release date and price

It’s official, Microsoft have revealed the real name of Project Natal. Natal will be from now on called Kinect. We’re expecting that the release date and price will be revealed at the E3 as well.

Microsoft Kinect Release Date Price Games

Kinect Release Date Details

Robbie Bach, President of Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft who’s retiring in fall 2010 BEFORE Microsoft Kinect will be released, said that Microsoft is planning to release Kinect right in time for the holiday season (Christmas 2010). Back in June 2009, they sent our over 1000 Kinect SDK’s (Software Development Kits) to game developers. So, plenty of game developers had a chance to develop a game that would hit the stores in December 2010 as well. Some Kinect games were also revealed during the Project Natal “Kinect” Experience event and hopefully more to come.

Kinect Price

We don’t have any concrete details about the price of Kinect. However, it is rumored that Kinect will cost XBOX gamers additional 150 bucks. With the massive price drop of the XBOX360, Microsoft Kinect would then cost nearly as much as a stand-alone XBOX. Is that reasonable? There is still a chance that they will announce a lower price tag at the E3, but let’s not spread false hope.

So… what is the buzz all about?

Project Natal CES 2010

Don’t know what Project Natal actually is? You can get a few more information about Kinect and watch watch the trailer here.

I’m still on the lookout for a demo of actual Kinect games. During the special Project Natal event they demoed a Star Wars game where you could control a a light saber with your hands. Other than that, they only demoed a few mini games where you could raise a pet or a round of bowling.Very impressive, but I hope that “real” game developers recognize the potential of Kinect.

To get an idea of the atmosphere of the event watch this short video:

We’ll let you know when Microsoft announce the price and release date of Kinect at the E3.

Published: Monday, June 14th, 2010 Last Modified: June 14, 2010

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