Microsoft Kinect Now In Changing Rooms

Before you get any naughty ideas, this is a virtual changing room. A store in Russia has introduced a sort of virtual changing room where you can virtually try on clothes by waving your hands in this air.

Kinect Gets More AR (Augmented Reality) Love

A Russian Augmented Reality company called AR Door has teamed up with popular clothing store TopShop in order to create a unique shopping experience for certain lucky shop goers in Russia. They have taken the Kinect motion detection device and added some custom coding in order to create a virtual trial room for the store.

It is a sort of kiosk with the Kinect, a camera and a screen. Shoppers standing in front of the screen will be treated with a mirror image but with added control on screen. They can access these simple controls by waving their hands.

The system recognizes specific gestures and takes a photo of the person in front. Then further gestures trigger the system to superimpose clothes on top of the person. And since Kinect ‘sees’ in 3D, the whole experience is completely 3D. So the person twirl round and see how the dress looks from all sides.

The Hack And Microsoft’s Reactions

In this project, Kinect’s motion detection capabilities have been combined with image detection in order to complete the illusion. AR Door’s idea is to hopefully reduce the long queues to the trial room by installing these in stores. Customers can try out the entire range of clothes by simply waving their hands in front of the kiosk.

Microsoft’s reaction was of course very diplomatic. When asked about these projects, the official spokesperson said that they were excited about the many possibilities that people were exploring by exploiting the raw data the Kinect generates while quickly adding that these projects are of course not authorized or licensed by Microsoft in any way.

Published: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 Last Modified: May 15, 2011

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