Microsoft Kills Off Windows Phone’s Rooms Group Chat

As Windows Phone continues to evolve, features get added and removed from upcoming versions of the phone software. Rooms was something that Microsoft added with Windows 8, and has been around since 2012. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that with Windows 10, Rooms would be no more.

In comments released on Wednesday, Microsoft stated that support for Rooms would be ending next month. They stated that new features in Windows 10 will help users stay in touch and with people that matter most. This will upset current Rooms users, but hopefully get them to transition to Windows 10 easier.

Microsoft To Remove Rooms From Future Versions Of Windows Phone

What Were Rooms?

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft rolled out Rooms, and this feature let users hold conversations and share various items. These included calendars, notes, photos, and more within private groups. It wasn’t widely used by many, and thus was one of the reasons why Microsoft announced the end of the product.

Those with Windows Phone 8 can still view their rooms they built, but starting in March won’t be able to add any new rooms. This means that they should use whatever they have, and build anymore that they will want to use before March. As Windows Phone 10 gets introduced, Rooms has been removed from the software as a whole.

Microsoft Kills Off New Rooms On Windows Phones But Allows Existing Rooms To Run

Good For Users?

Many will argue whether the removal of rooms for Windows Phone as either a good or bad thing. Those who never used it, will find it as bloat, and want it removed from future versions of Windows Phone. For those who use it, they can continue to use existing rooms, or find other online alternatives.

Microsoft owns a company called GroupMe, and this might be the next stage of this Rooms software. It has been minimally promoted within Microsoft, but could be part of future versions of Windows Phone. It’s a cross-platform messaging service, and could give existing rooms users a next-generation service to enjoy.

Rooms is gone, and won’t be missed on my end. I tried it, but never got used to it.

Published: Thursday, February 19th, 2015 Last Modified: February 19, 2015

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