Microsoft Job Posting: Xbox Durango Could Launch with 3D Technology, Crysis 3D Launch Title?

Xbox Durango 3D Technology

Microsoft’s next-gen console, codenamed Xbox Durango, could have built-in 3D technology, bringing 3D gaming to the next level.

Another week, another next-gen rumour. This time, a job posting from Microsoft hints that the next Xbox could include 3D tech

Last week we reported on a Microsoft job posting pointing towards an “AAAA” title being in development for the next Xbox, and this week another posting points towards what kind of technology the “Durango” Xbox could include.

Yet again appearing on Microsoft’s career website, though it has since been taken down, the advertisement said Microsoft were looking for an Algorithm and Research Development Engineer for the Isreal-based Xbox team. The job post also said that there would be emphasis on “developing new 3D imaging technologies,” suggesting that they could very well be included in the next Xbox.

The post went on to ask for candidates who were interested in developing an “image processing algorithm and 3D imaging technologies” that will “serve millions through the world.”

3D TVs have proven to more than a gimmick, with more game developers using the technology. Nintendo have largely brought the technology to the fore with Nintendo’s 3DS, which offers glasses-free 3D and has proven to be a hit with consumers after a shaky start.

Next Xbox six times as powerful

IGN also recently reported in their rumour that the next Xbox would be six times more powerful and that the processor would support 3D.

They said in their report that sources claimed production on the next Xbox’s internals would begin at the end of 2012. They also said the the internals will be not based on AMD’s 7000 series Southern Islands GPU. Instead it will come from 6000 series, which was introduced last year.

Their report also went on to say that the internals will be similar to the Radeon HD 6670, which supports DirectX11, 1080p, multidisplay output and the rumoured 3D. That would be relatively cheap for Microsoft to produce, currently costing around $79.99.

The report went on to say that, along with the Durango Xbox being six times more powerful, that it would yield 20 “percent greater performance” than Nintendo’s Wii U.

IGN also said that development kits are expected to arrive in August, though no pricing model has been confirmed.

Microsoft’s next Xbox is rumoured to be revealed at E3 2012.

Published: Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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