Microsoft Job Posting: Next Generation Console AAAA Title For XBOX Durango In Development

Microsoft Game Studios Aaa Title Job Posting
Microsoft Job posting reveals the first “AAAA” title (yes, 4 A’s not the commonly used triple-A that is being used for high-quality bestseller games)

Customary next-gen rumours continue as “AAAA” job posting points towards future title

When Microsoft likely reveal their next-gen Xbox at this year’s E3, we may get to see one or two launch titles. However, with big releases such as Halo 4 this year Microsoft will be reluctant to take the focus away from them. That hasn’t stopped job postings from surfacing online, though, with Microsoft looking for someone who can work on an “AAAA” title.

The job posting, titled Executive Producer, asks for “strong business acumen” and “game development/production experience.”

However, if you’re about to apply, take note of what the job listing says: Microsoft says that the successful candidate will be working towards an “AAAA” title. A triple-A title is used when a game has very high production costs, big marketing budgets and large development teams (Call of Duty would be the obvious example).

Microsoft haven’t revealed what the game is or it will be called, but it certainly sounds like it will be massively important to the company. Bare in mind that Halo 4, launching this year, is one of Microsoft’s core IPs, and that falls under the ‘triple A’ banner.

What’s also interesting is that the posting says the person hired will be involved from the concept stages through to release. Considering a game of this size, and budget, then it would be unlikely to be launching this generation if Microsoft is launching the next Xbox in 2013. Is “AAAA” now the new term used to describe next-generation games?

Therefore, the game could be aimed as a strong launch title for the next Xbox (like Halo: Combat Evolved was).

Next Xbox to feature no disc drive?

Aside from the rumours of game that could feature on the next Xbox, there have been plenty of rumours about the hardware itself.

The latest rumour is that Microsoft are thinking about including no disc drive in the next Xbox. Microsoft apparently met with partners during this year’s Games Developers Conference, and placed them under the ‘strictest NDA’ that has ever been heard of. Therefore, some degree of legitimacy seems to have been added to the rumour despite people questioning why Microsoft would remove discs.

The rumour also said Microsoft were planning some form of memory card.

Published: Thursday, March 15th, 2012 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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