Microsoft Issues Surface Pro 3 Updates For October

The Surface Pro 3 has become a runaway hit for Microsoft, as the latest earnings numbers have shown. Users from students, to professionals, are purchasing the unit and loving its usefulness. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated the Surface Pro 3 with firmware updates that will fix a number of things for users.

By using its October updates for the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft put out a series of give updates that users should see improve their experience on the Surface Pro 3. These updates are live now, and should be available to download now or in the next few days.

Microsoft Gives Users Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi Fixes and Updates

System Firmware Update 10/28/14

The first item of note is the Surface Pro UEFI update, as this will enhance the system stability. This will give users better reliability with the graphics display, and install a status bar when applying future firmware updates. This is one that users should see improve graphics as well.

Users who have had problems with the Surface Pro 3 and its sleep status, will see the Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware Update take effect. This fix will improve the reliability of the sleep state transitions with the Surface Pro 3 docking station, when connected.


Other SP3 Updates

There are three other Surface Pro 3 updates that Microsoft issued which will help users as well. A Surface Integration update will help users when the Surface Pro 3 hibernates when using Windows 10. This is more for when users install Windows 10 on their SP3, and is more for enthusiasts.

The last two fixes help with the Wi-Fi and Wireless controller. The fourth update adddresses cases when the Wi-Fi adapter isn’t available when resuming the system from sleep. Lastly, the Wi-Fi experience has been updates with the Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth Drive update. This will be the biggest update for many users, as it will improve Wi-Fi on the Surface Pro 3, and when rebooting with Bluetooth devices on the SP3. Wireless and Bluetooth issues have been some of the bigger issues of the Surface Pro 3, and these updates should fix users for many users.

These Surface Pro 3 updates are much needed. Now, Wi-Fi issues should be fixed, and users should see improvements right away.

Published: Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 Last Modified: October 29, 2014

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