Microsoft Issues New Wearable Apps For Productivity

Perhaps the biggest trend to come across personal electronics in the past year has been wearables. From watches to bands, and Fitbits to Jawbones, the wearables market has gotten huge. Microsoft has its Band product, and on Thursday issued a number of updates to its wearable apps.

Microsoft clearly has an interest in the wearable app market, and not just from the fun watch face or clock face. They are seeing productivity apps on wearable devices grow in popularity, and are finding users wanting them daily. Google and Apple lead Microsoft
s demand for apps.

Microsoft Issues Outlook For Apple Watch

Outlook For Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has gotten a ton of publicity, and Apple has sold millions of these devices to users around the globe. On Thursday, Microsoft issued an all-new Outlook for Apple Watch, and this new extension of Outlook will give users immediate notifications and more.

The new interface will give users focused inbox watch notifications, the ability to read full emails on their wrist, abilities to add quick replies, include voice dictation, and see their calendars on their wrists. The new download is available now on the iOS app store for the Apple Watch.

OneNote For Android Wear Receives Dictation Update

Wunderlist, Yammer and Translator Updates

Microsoft also issued updates to a number of its other wearable apps. Microsoft added quick add magic to Wunderlist for the Apple Watch, updated its Yammer app for the Apple Watch, and gave Apple Watch users an all-new Microsoft Translator to use and translate on the go.

The Android Wear platform also got some updated apps from Microsoft. The Android Wear devices also got the Microsoft Translator updates, an all-new OneDrive for Android Wear, and an updated OneNote for Android Wear. The OneNote update lets users dictate on the go and save it to OneNote.

The wearables market is huge and Microsoft knows this. The new apps are available today and worth downloading if you own one.

Published: Friday, August 7th, 2015 Last Modified: August 7, 2015

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