Microsoft Is Bringing Cortana to Android and iOS

The Cortana personal assistant is a remarkable and exciting part of Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. As it gets integrated into Windows 10, it will get its showcase there. But on Tuesday, Microsoft announced more Cortana locations, including iOS and Android phones and tablets.

While the Android and iOS world already have their own voice recognition software, Microsoft is hoping that Cortana will change that. Microsoft is seeing Cortana as a replacement for both Siri and Google Now, and is looking to make waves with it. It should be seen later this year, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Showcases New Windows 10 Phone App

Cortana on Mobile

According to Microsoft’s blog post on Tuesday, the company is looking to launch separate apps for each operating system. Microsoft showed them off in an early video, and showcased them in their blog post. It is aiming for a late June release for Android, and later this year for iOS per Microsoft.

Microsoft is looking to bring a number of things with its Android version. They include: sports results, flights, and all of the features that reside in Windows Phone and Windows 10 versions of it. This means that users who use both phones or Windows 10 and Android, can use them side by side together.

Microsoft's Cortana To Work On Android Platforms and iOS

Works Well With Existing Apps

Where the Android and iOS versions will shine, is the perfect integration with the existing Microsoft apps that are currently on the market. It will work with OneNote, OneDrive, and Office across both Android and iOS, and should shine on them. Android gives them more functionality though due to OS limitations.

Microsoft is seeing the mobile launch of Cortana on Android and iOS as a huge thing, and is looking to make this part of their larger Windows 10 play during the year. Cortana is brilliant on Windows Phone now, and the ability to use it across Android and iOS will give the other assistants something to think about.

The video for Cortana on Android looks great. I cannot wait to try it out in June.

Published: Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 Last Modified: May 27, 2015

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