Microsoft Introduces To Do For Windows 10

When Microsoft purchased Wunderlist, many had wondered what the company would do with the product and the people who developed it. Now, Microsoft as introduced a Microsoft To-Do app, and it’s available in preview for Windows 10 users.

The To-Do program from Microsoft is a new kind of program that is all about task management projects. It makes it easier to plan and manage your day, and is worth checking out from the Windows Store.

New Microsoft To-Do App Launches On Windows 10

To-Do Features

With Microsoft To-Do, it puts all of your To-Do projects all in one place. You can track deadlines, reminders, due dates, notes, and use themes to make them colorful. It’s available for all devices too.

The Microsoft To-Do app helps you plan your day with intelligent suggestions as well, so you start with a fresh day, and intelligently plan your day. It has suggestions for you for your day, and helps you plan out what’s ahead for the journey ahead.

Plan Your Day Smarter With Microsoft To-Do

Works With Microsoft Office

What makes Microsoft To-Do more than just another task management app, is the tight integration with Microsoft Office. It works surprisingly well with Outlook, and syncs it to your Outlook daily schedule.

It also works with Enterprise customers looking for a encrypted source of data, and lets admins introduce it to their employees in the To-Do preview center. It’s for both individual, business, and even enterprise users to try out and use.

Microsoft To-Do is available today. Try it out, and start planning your day more smartly.

Published: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 Last Modified: April 23, 2017

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