Microsoft Introduces New Media Remote And Bluetooth Headset For Xbox 360

Microsoft unveiled a new media remote and wireless bluetooth headset for the XBOX 360. More comfortable entertainment and gaming. What more can you ask for?
XBOX 360 Media Remote and Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Xbox 360 is a fantastic gaming console However, the thing that makes it s truly successful line is the fact that it takes over the duties of an all round entertainment devices and that clinches the deal for non-diehards. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has introduced two new accessories to go along with the Xbox 360 experience.

Media Remote For A More Traditional Entertainment Experience

No, the Redmond tech giant is not getting nostalgic. The Xbox 360 Media Remote is for those people who want to use a more traditional input while using their Xbox 360 for DVD, CD and such media playback. The remote contains all the controls that are required for a proper Xbox 360 navigation and it also of course has the expected media playback controls.

In addition to all this, the remote is compatible with most TV’s and will be able to switch the TV on/off, change the volume and change the input. This is makes it abundantly clear that Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to be every media lovers best friend and every home theatre lovers best companion. It gives you access to all the traditional content, gaming and online media like YouTube and UFC, along with Hulu and Netflix. What else could anyone need? Whatever it is, there’s probably an update, in the future, for that.

Bluetooth Headset Will Set You Free

Well, as free as you can be without moving from in front of the screen and out of the Bluetooth range that is. It’s a sleek looking device that has a dual mode action — users can both chat with online friends and answer phone calls by switching modes. There’s a blue and a green LED status indicator to let the user know which mode the headset is in, so that you don’t accidentally tell your boss to go round the corner and take out the sniper first.

It comes with 3-sizes-fit-all ear gels and an ear loop to keep it hanging comfortably from your ear. It looks a lot better and is much more practical than any wired headset can ever hope to be.

Published: Saturday, July 30th, 2011 Last Modified: July 30, 2011

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