Microsoft Introduces New iPhone App Send

Sending quick messages to co-workers, friends, and colleagues is done far too often on mobile devices, and Microsoft has noticed these trends increasing over the years. On Wednesday, Microsoft rolled out Send on the iPhone, which is a new Microsoft Garage creation.

Send, is an iPhone only application for now, and is meant to deliver in-and-out email. It’s built to work with Office 365 for business and school, and will include additional email account support later this year. It’s a brand new idea, and one that should succeed.

Microsoft Introduces New Send App For iPhone

What Is Send?

Send is an application that allows users to quickly send messages, without a need for a subject line, or traditional email context. It could simply be a “Let’s chat in 10”, or “Don’t Send The Presentation Yet”, or quick back-and-forth conversations. All of these short and simple.

This type of quick conversation has been possible via text messaging and formal emails, but not in a stand alone type of app that connects into the Office 365 world. It’s a brand new type of mobile app, developed from the Microsoft Garage, and makes quick conversations easy to have.

Microsoft Gives iPhone Users First Access To Send

Send Is Simple

The beauty of Send is the simplicity of the app. It doesn’t have signatures, salutations, it doesn’t organize your emails, and just has it simple. Users can tap a contact, start a conversation, and then swipe to do a quick reply. This is as easy as mobile communications gets.

Microsoft is making Send available starting today on the iPhone. Android and Windows Phone versions come soon. A FAQ section has been added on Yammer for support, and requires users to join a Send App group on the Office 365 network. It’s new, and worth checking out.

Send is a cool mobile app. Microsoft clearly gets mobile, and Send is another example of it working right.

Published: Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 Last Modified: July 23, 2015

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