Microsoft: Internet Explorer 10 Improvements Detailed – Part 1: Performance and Security

Internet Explorer 10 Improvements

Microsoft significantly improved the performance and security in Internet Explorer 10 – here are all the details

Microsoft outline improvementss for Internet Explorer 10 in latest blog post

Two weeks on from the debut of the Consumer Preview, Microsoft continues to talk to users about the changes that are being made in Windows 8 ahead of its release later this year. In their latest blog post, Microsoft talk about the performance improvements in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

The first improvement talked about is the new, Metro version of IE 10. The browser now goes full screen, with the “interface and controls to be there when you need them,” and out of the way when you don’t. As an extension of the Metro redesign, the browser has also be designed with touch in mind. Users now have access to a “great” touch keyboard, and can find content on pages easily.

The browser is also very fast when pinching to zoom and scrolling in pages, as seen in the Consumer Preview. The browser now also has orientation support, and can ‘snap’ with apps to share screen space.

IE10 Shows Frequently Visited Sites, Can be Pinned To Start Screen

IE 10 also shows the sites you frequently visit, with tiles showing them in different colours along with those pinned to the start screen. Swiping in from the bottom or top of the screen, right-clicking with the mouse, or pressing the Windows key + Z brings up your tabs. These again fall in line with the Metro interface.

Pinning sites to the Start Screen doesn’t end at having a bookmark on screen. The tiles colour will match that of the website, while they also have notification support for features such as new message for the account or a countdown timer (the blog shows a site pinned that says 8 “Days to Spring”).

The Store is also directly integrated into the browser. Visiting a website in the browser than has an app in the Store will show a notification saying “Get the app,” and a single tap takes you to the Store to install it. Apps can then be launched directly from the app’s website.

Microsoft are also keen to highlighted the continuing security improvements in IE 10: the browser improves on IE 9’s “Application Reputation, InPrivate Browsing” and Tracking Protection. IE 10 also offer an “Enhanced Protected Mode,” which apparently isolates web content in tabs.

Published: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 Last Modified: March 14, 2012

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