Microsoft Integrates Bitcoin Into Payment Systems

One of the more fascinating stories over the past few years has been the rise of Bitcoin. Some may get it, some might be scratching their heads, but tech lovers know its passion. Microsoft finally understands their needs, and on Wednesday integrated Bitcoin into payments for their Microsoft services.

This move to allow users to use Bitcoin to add money into their Microsoft account is a bold and big move by Microsoft. It’s been widely used by a number of companies and sites, but Microsoft’s launch is one of the biggest. Tech services plus a tech payment currency could work for big profits for Microsoft.

Microsoft Announces Integration Of Bitcoin To Microsoft Accounts

Adding Bitcoin To Microsoft Account

Users will need to sign into their billing section of their Microsoft account to get started. There, they can choose payment options > Microsoft account > redeem bitcoin. Then, choose the amount to add and press next. Users can then review the amount of Bitcoin need and complete the transaction within a 15 minute window.

Users can use their computers, smartphones, or another device to add Bitcoin to their wallets. On the computer, users can choose “Pay with Bitcoin”, and pay from their Bitcoin wallet on the same device. With a smartphone, users can scan the QR code and pay from their mobile wallet app. Users can also copy the receiving address and BTC amount to their device and pay that way too.

Bitcoin Fans Can Now Add Bitcoin To Their Microsoft Accounts

Why Add Bitcoin Now?

Microsoft is seeing Bitcoin as another form of currency transaction to offer users, and has understood the risks with accepting it as well. Microsoft isn’t refunding amounts added to their Microsoft using Bitcoin, and won’t allow users to purchase Microsoft products or services as of yet according to their post.

The rollout of Bitcoin to the Microsoft account is also limited to the United States for now. It might be rolled out to more countries, but Microsoft is trying to iron out any bugs before then, and test it out to a larger audience. Global currency and foreign exchange concerns are also the reason for the delay.

Bitcoin and Microsoft are finally together. I don’t have Bitcoin, but might try for some and see it this works.

Published: Thursday, December 11th, 2014 Last Modified: December 11, 2014

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