Microsoft Including More TV-Esque Ads on Xbox Dashboard, Last Feature We Need

Block Xbox Live Dashboard Ads

More TV ads are coming to the Xbox dashboard, and not the buy-a-game kind.

Microsoft has revealed that more TV-like ads will be coming to the Xbox 360 dashboard

Microsoft made the announcement as the company confirmed that it has partnered with more advertisers to bring more TV ads, despite many users expressing frustration that the latest dashboard update already swamps users in ads where they can’t buy anything. Even then, ads are sometime pushed to users that are are showing games which are years old.

Some apps to run the TV ads will be the media apps such as ESPN, and GameSpot (though some of the ads aren’t available in Europe and other regions). The ads, according to Gamasutra, will be 15 to 30 seconds advertisements. Personally, that seems way too long on the Xbox 360. Most users want to turn the Xbox on and play a game; they don’t care about anything else. And even on Fridays, or over the weekend when people rent movies and watch TV shows, they’re likely not going to watch an ad for up to 30 seconds. If anything, they should be for upcoming games.

Microsoft is pushing the Xbox brand as more than a games console, a reason the dashboard update began to include media apps such as YouTube. While popular, performance hasn’t been perfect: on YouTube subscriber channels can fail to load, or content won’t appear.

Imperfect ads

Microsoft’s introduction of Kinect brought motion sensing technology to the console, but also aimed to bring families to Xbox as Nintendo brought them to the Wii.

Most users hate the ads as, while Microsoft streamlined the interface and basically put everything on a horizontal plane, every area has multiple ads. Even one of the main functions for the Xbox – playing games – is a small square in the top left-hand corner of the pane players default to. That should be the largest square of the area, not the latest episode of The Apprentice (regardless of my enjoyment). Since 2010, ad spending has increased by 142 percent.

Likewise, if YouTube is coming to the Xbox at least make it work. I’ve stopped using it because the performance is terrible. It’s much quicker to go on my phone or laptop.

Published: Thursday, April 26th, 2012 Last Modified: April 26, 2012

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