Microsoft Image Technology Used To Clean The Web

Over the weekend, the tech titans of Google and Microsoft teamed up together to announce that they are forging new efforts to clean the web up from child abuse searches over the next six months. The collaboration between the companies is truly a match made for social good.

The announcement by Eric Schmidt in the U.K. early Monday morning was 100% about cleaning up the web and child abuse and sexual abuse terms and images. Google will be using Microsoft’s image detection assistance to clean up Google search results, and is already at work.

Microsoft and Google Team Up To Clean The Web

Over 100,000 potential queries already addressed

The two companies stated that already the Google search results have cleaned up approximately 100,000 potential queries as the results of the two companies. The 200 person team is using the image detection software developed by Microsoft to make sure that these search results don’t appear in the Google search queries and is a main focus for these companies.

The move by Google and Microsoft has already dropped the number of search inquiries for illicit activity by over 20 percent according to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The initiatives are limited to English speaking countries for now, but will be rolled out to other countries over the next six months according to the companies, covering 158 more languages.

UK Government Praises Microsoft and Google For Cleanup Efforts

Part of UK Crackdown

The move announced by Google and using Microsoft’s image technology is part of the summit on internet pornography, and both companies have been held liable for illicit image searches found in the search engines by the government. Google said it has listened to the problems of the UK, and reached out to Microsoft to help build this refined search.

Bing is also introducing similar measures within its search results according to Microsoft, and the Microsoft measure is part of the UK’s Block Online Porn campaign. The UK Prime Minister applauded the two tech companies on their efforts, and the moves will make both Bing and Google cleaner for the public and for children in using the web.

I think this is perfect, and settles any problems between the two companies for the common good. The web via Google and Bing needs this cleaned up, and now it will be done soon.

Published: Thursday, November 21st, 2013 Last Modified: November 21, 2013

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