Microsoft Hosts Titanfall Launch Parties In Retail Stores

The next week for Microsoft’s Xbox One is going to be huge, as Titanfall lands on retail shelves around the world. On Friday, Microsoft announced that they will be hosting midnight launch parties for the game in their retail stores, which should be an event for sure.

Microsoft via its Technet blog announced the retail launch parties across the US, and are aiming to bring in PC and Xbox One fans into their stores for the game. They will be held on March 10 to celebrate the launch, and will be available in all their retail stores across North America.

Microsoft Announces Titafall Launch Parties In Microsoft Retail Stores

Microsoft Launch Party Details

Microsoft is opening the doors to the Titanfall launch party at 9pm on March 10th, and are giving up to $2,000 in prizes at each event. During these launch events, Microsoft will be giving away the Xbox One Titanfall Edition bundle, Xbox One Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller, Xbox One Media Remote, “Titanfall” gear or a year-subscription to Xbox Live, among other prizes.

This will surely bring people into their stores, and will give them a chance to try Titanfall on the Xbox One demo stations. Microsoft is even giving away a $10 Xbox digital gift card with preorders to the game, as well as offering an exclusive Xbox One Titanfall bundle for $499 in their stores too.

Microsoft Bringing Fans Into Retail Stores For Titanfall Launch

Where To Go?

Microsoft is pointing people to its page to find the nearest Microsoft retail store in their area. People are able to RSVP to the event as well, and should bring lots of people to their stores for this midnight gala. Titanfall will be first launched at the Microsoft store in Detroit, and will be a big event there.

In addition, this will be the launch of the Twitch live streaming platform update, and gamers will be able to stream their Titanfall games on Twitch starting at midnight that night. Twitch will be hosting an event on their site, and answering questions for gamers and fans additionally at starting at 8pm PT on March 10th.

Titanfall will be huge for Microsoft. It will sell lots of consoles, and Twitch will make it only better.

Published: Sunday, March 9th, 2014 Last Modified: March 9, 2014

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