Microsoft Hosts Free Office Webinars For Outlook

Outlook has a number of features that users enjoy on a day to day basis. But as Outlook continues to grow and attract a number of global users, it may confuse some users and get users to want to learn more about Outlook. For that, Microsoft is hosting free webinars for Outlook.

Microsoft is hosting a 15-minute webinar on Tuesday at 9:15am Pacific Time in the US, and is aimed to help those with questions for Outlook. It’s a first of its kind for the company for Outlook, and is free of charge for those looking to learn Outlook and increase their skills.

Microsoft Hosts 15-Minute Outlook Webinar On Tuesday

Webinar Details

The Office 15-minute Webinar was announced on Microsoft’s Office Blog, and is a quick webinar for those who want to learn Outlook. It is available to those with Windows 7 or Windows 8 machines, and user can use the Lync Web App to join. Otherwise, users can dial a audio conference call and listen in.

Microsoft will be posting a video of the webinar shortly after the webinar according to the blog. It’s goal is to answer how to do a keyword search, how to narrow the search with the ribbon, how to narrow search with special search syntax, how to change where Outlook searches, advanced searches, and finally how to save searches for later.

Microsoft's Outlook Gets Latest Office 15-Minute Webinar Series

Microsoft’s Goal To Expand Product Webinars

This webinar is surely going to get packed early, and is part of the expanding Microsoft Office 15-Minute webinar series. They are planning to do more in the future, and this 15-minute block of knowledge is perfect for the office worker and the professional to get learning in quickly on a topic.

With the video available after, Microsoft is giving video tutorials that all can enjoy at anytime as well. Some Office products have open questions that many want to know, need to ask about, or are afraid to ask about. These webinars from Microsoft make it easy to learn, and can be done from the home or office. These are great for product education and for Office 365 overall.

Join early to see this webinar on Outlook. It’s free, and well worth the 15 minutes.

Published: Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 Last Modified: July 8, 2014

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