Microsoft Highlights Windows Defender Security Center

One of the biggest improvements in the launch of Windows 10, is the improvement of its Windows Defender software, as it keeps users safe online and offline. The company recently debuted its new Windows Defender Security Center for Windows 10, coming soon.

The new Windows Defender Security Center will be included in the new Windows 10 Creators Update, as it gets launched later this year. It has included a number of overall updates, and it should vastly improve the program overall.

New Windows Defender Security Center Discussed In Microsoft Blog

Virus & Device Protection

The first thing that users will notice, is a new view of their antivirus protection, either from Windows or another vendor. You can scan results and threat histories from this new area, and see everything you need on this section.

The new drivers and performance health area will give users a single view of all the updates, drivers, battery life, and storage capacity. You can also refresh Window with a clean install in this area, making everyhing a lot easier to manage.

YouTube Video Highlights New Security Center Coming To Windows 10

Firewall, Controls & Family Options

Third, the new firewall and network protection area will give information on the network connections and active Windows Firewall settings. This will also show links to network troubleshooting information, more of a network hub.

Lastly, the new center will provide app and browser controls. Here, you can adjust setting for SmartScreens for apps and browsers. Additionally, new family options settings will let parents control parental options, activity reports, and much more.

The new Windows Defender Security Center will arrive later this year, with the Creators Update. It sounds awesome, and should be a huge update on what we have now.

Published: Thursday, January 26th, 2017 Last Modified: January 26, 2017

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