Microsoft Highlights User Submitted Top Windows Phone Apps

Throughout the year, the Windows Phone platform has grown at incredible rates, and as it has, the number of users and apps has grown as well. On Monday, Microsoft highlighted its list of top 10 user submitted Windows Phone applications, and while some are big names, a number of them are newbies.

The Windows Phone platform has grown from its simple roots, and the number of phones and carriers around the world has as well. With this list of top ten user submitted Windows Phone apps, Microsoft is showing off how users are the heart of Windows Phone, along with the apps it runs.

Microsoft Highlights Timelapse Pro As Top User Submitted Windows Phone App

Tagging, Timelapses and Music

The first one that was highlighted is Timelapse Pro. It is an application that lets users who love photography show off time-lapse photography on their Windows Phones. Users can take photos ranging from one second to 24 hours, and adjust resolution and other factors to create amazing time lapse videos.

Next up is 6tag. 6tag is one of the most popular Instagram clients, and allows users to take photos, upload videos, and apply tags. It has lots of photo features, and has a number of updates made to make it shine. Panodra is third up, and this music app allows users to hear music, create playlists, and create personalized music stations.

Microsoft Shows Off Fotor As One Of The Hottest Windows Phone Photo Apps

Music, Finance, Oh My

Mix Radio is one of the big ones talked about, and it also lets users create personalized radio stations. What makes it great, is no advertising and users love that about it. Toshl Finance is a finance app that has a lot of readers attention, and lets users track expenses, setup budgets, visualize expenses, and export data for reports.

For those needing a great video and audio player, Moliplayer Pro is recommended, and has a ton of video playback features to enjoy videos on your Windows Phone. Fotor is an app that makes photo fans drool and has layouts and adjustment tools to please any photo fan. The last ones up include Flashlite, Tubecast, and Shoppers Calculator.

All of these apps make Windows Phone a great platform. It’s all about the users though, and Microosft showed that with its list.

Published: Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 Last Modified: November 25, 2014

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