Microsoft Highlights Education Apps For The Classroom

Many students are off for the summer and enjoying their summer vacations, but many of them are prepping for the school year as well. Teachers though are always getting ready, and on Monday, Microsoft highlighted 5 exciting apps in the Windows Store to help them this Summer prepare for the Fall.

The five different Windows Apps are available now in the Windows Store, and these apps are great tools and give teachers amazing new ways to teach and help their students. These are only 5 of them, but 5 that Microsoft highlighted in its Education Blog on Monday for teachers.

Microsoft's ClassPolicy App Helps Teacher Teach More Effectively

Class And Test Policy

The first app for teachers is one called Class Policy. It allows teachers to use their device to lockdown student computers, and then to launch application and specific files. It can lead to less distractions in the classroom, and maximize benefits from having laptops and tablets in the classroom.

Second up is Test Policy. This allows teachers and test proctors to lockdown student devices. It locks down the computers or devices during a test, and allows teachers and test givers to monitor their students. It will be free in the US this fall, and be available worldwide later this year.

Microsoft Demonstrates eBackpack For Teachers In The Classroom

eBackpack, Edmodo and Social Express

Third up is eBackpack, and this Windows app helps teachers go paperless. Teachers and students can participate in polls, create projects, and go virtual during their collaborations. It’s available now worldwide and is a highly popular app among teachers and students today.

The last two are Edmodo and Social Express. Edmodo is a virtual hub for students and teachers. It also allows for communities to be developed in classrooms for project. Social Express is something for K-4 students, and helps them with their social skills. It has animations, sounds, colors, and is a kids-safe tool to help students learn. These are all available now on the Windows Store, and are part of the 100 Great Education Apps on the store. Whether you are a teacher, parent, or student, they are worth checking out.

Microsoft loves education and it shows. It continues to help students and teachers everyday.

Published: Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Last Modified: July 1, 2014

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