Microsoft Highlights 5 New and Fun Windows Phone Apps

As the number of Windows Phones grows, apps for them are growing as well. With that growth, developers are finding more and more ways to give Windows Phone fans the apps they want. On Monday, Microsoft via its Lumia Conversations Blog, highlighted 5 of them, and are all worth downloading.

The five different Windows Phone apps cover a wide number of subjects, but all show off the power and abilities of the Windows Phone platform. They are all perfect for specific users, but are all worth trying out if you own a Windows Phone, either in the US, or around the globe.

Microsoft Shows Off Taxify For Windows Phone Users

Taxify and Simplify

The first one up is Taxify, and this app is geared towards Northern European users and taxis. This free app is available in select cities, and lets users order cabs from any company in the area with a simple click. It offers automatic location via GPS, and is the next generation of taxi service apps in Northern Europe.

The second one is Simplify, and this Lumia based app is perfect for task takers, and those who want to put order in their lives. It is free, and lets users create tiles for tasks, setup reminders to themselves via these tiles, customize screens, and make life easier. This is a great time saving app for many. App Shows Up For Windows Phone Users To Download

Radio and Maestro

Third is, and this is the app for all radio listeners. It’s created by CBS Radio, with over 300 radio stations built into the app. Users can listen to music, talk radio, and any other station in their listings. It’s perfect for music lovers in the US, is free, and looks like a beautiful Windows Phone app.

Users of Snapchat will like Snapify, and it allows users to send photos to friends, and have it deleted by the app within seconds. It’s a Snapchat substitute, and meant to give users ways to share images within periods of times. Lastly, an email app named Maestro was shown off, and is a great replacement for email apps on the Windows Phone.

Windows Phone apps get better with time. These 5 new ones are certainly worth trying, and are free to try.

Published: Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 Last Modified: March 31, 2015

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