Microsoft Has Literally Thousands Of Jobs Open, So Why Aren’t You Applying?

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Microsoft is seeing a lack of skilled works, leading to an unusual amount of vacancies therefore, particularly among software engineers.

If you’re a software engineer there may never have been a better time to join Microsoft

Literally thousands of jobs are available at Microsoft, due to a lack of skilled workers according to the company. It said Microsoft is creating unified jobs; simple it has a shortage.

The company has 6,000 openings; 3,400 cover software engineers, developers, programmers, and more. The software giant is struggling to fill openings due to a lack of high-tech skills in areas including cloud computing and mobility, according to InformationWeek.

Microsoft gave their reasons for the problems: U.S universities aren’t producing enough graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The U.S. immigration policy also prevents migrants coming in to fill gap. The problem seems to be Microsoft can’t get people from the U.S. or abroad, causing mass vacancies.

Microsoft Chief Counsel Brad Smith added the lack of workers isn’t confined to the technology industry. Speaking to informationWeek, Smith said financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing will suffer if the issue of a lack of workers continues.

Smith wants the U.S. Congress to increase the amount of high-tech visas available to workers, suggesting a total of 85,000 every year. Smith also wants 20,000 green cards for new workers., charging $15,000 for the latter. In a time of economic recession jobs going to foreign workers is counterproductive.


With the economies worldwide in weaker states due to the financial crash, I would think now would be easier than ever for Microsoft find employees. This is a hiring market where employers can pick and choose the best candidates, as brutal as that sounds. Smith warned jobs could move to other countries.

Whether consumers will buy Microsoft saying it can’t find the employees is another question. This is Microsoft, the biggest technology and software company in the world. Attracting employees won’t be a problem, American or foreign.

Though the questions is whether Microsoft wants to have U.S. talent or hire imports for cheaper weaks, as immoral as that sounds. Remember, this is an employer’s market.

Published: Monday, October 1st, 2012 Last Modified: October 1, 2012

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