Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users Simpsons and Fable Legends

The Xbox One has been a huge success for Microsoft, and their lead in the next generation platform has ceratinly been thanks to their updates to users. On Friday, Microsoft announced two major updates, giving users Simpsons characters to Minecraft and a free Fable Legends Game for Xbox Live users.

The rumors about the Simpsons characters coming to Minecraft have been out for a while, but for Minecraft users, the mix between the two worlds was huge. Now, with the release of the character update, it means the characters of Springfield now mix with Minecraft in all new ways.

Microsoft Releases Simpsons Skin Pack For Minecraft Users

Simpsons Meet Minecraft

As previously discussed, Minecraft got the addition of the Simpsons via a Minecraft Simpsons Skin Pack. This pack is only $2.99, and it has the entire Simpsons family. It has the entire Simpsons famiy and 19 other characters from the Emmy Award-winning show. This should be an instant hit for fans.

By releasing the Simpsons Skin Pack to Xbox 360 and Xbox One users, Microsoft is showing off why they bought Minecraft. For $3, it’s almost an instant buy for Minecraft users, and Simpsons fans. Best of all, its fun, it’s Minecraft, and it’s the Simpsons. Who could possibly ask for more?

Microsoft Announces Fable Legends For Free On Xbox One and Windows 10

Fable Legends For Free On Xbox and Windows 10

For those who love the Xbox One, Fable Legends is one of those games that they have been waiting for and anticipating. On Friday, Lionhead Studios announced that the Fable Legends game will be free to play on Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles. This will be huge for the game and be huge for gamers.

The decision to make the game free isn’t completely known to many, but its possible that Microsoft invested a lot of money into it. It will be a huge hit on the Xbox One and should be a huge hit on the Windows 10 platform as well. It’s a big title for many, and now free for them to play as well.

Xbox One via Microsoft got nice additions on Friday. Simpsons on Minecraft is fun, but I cannot wait to play Fable Legends on my Windows 10 machine soon.

Published: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 Last Modified: March 3, 2015

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