Microsoft Gives Students 10% Off Surface Pro Devices

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been getting a lot of attention from individual and corporate clients, but the educational market is one that is loving the Surface Pro 3 devices as well. With that, Microsoft on Wednesday, announced a new discount for educators giving them a deal on the Surface Pro 3.

The 10% discount on the Surface Pro 3 is a brand new discount aimed to go after teachers, educators, parents, students, and anyone in the education market looking for a new tablet device. It’s gotten rave reviews from educators, and now the Surface Pro 3 just got a ton cheaper from Microsoft.

Microsoft Gives Educational Institutions 10 Percent Of Surface Pro 3 Bundles

Surface Pro 3 Discount Program

On its education blog on Wednesday, Microsoft posted that the Surface Team was introducting a Surface for Education Program. This special program sets special education pricing for the Surface Pro 3 and the Type Cover keyboard bundle. It launches on October 1st, 2014, and gives educators and students an incredible deal on the Surface Pro 3 and Keyboard.

The Surface Pro for Education program covers three different units and is available through authorized device resellers. It is $839 for the base model with the Intel i3 processor, $1019 for the Intel i5 with 128GB of storage, and $1289 for the Intel i5 with 256GB of storage, which is an awesome deal on these packages. By being a educational institions allows for schools to purchase 5 of them and then offer them back to their teachers and students.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Makes Huge Waves In The Classroom For Easy Learning

Surface Pro 3 A Hit In Classrooms

In its blog post, Microsoft stated that the Surface Pro 3 has become a huge hit in the classroom, and educational teachers and professionals love it with teaching. Now, the handwriting tools allow students to write notes, work out problems, and OneNote allows teachers to show students the steps of solving problems. The teachers can then share this from home with their students as well, an awesome idea.

Children also love the Surface Pro 3 in the classroom since its a very hands on device, and gives them new ways to learn and experience problem solving skills. It is super clear, able to be carried easily, and makes for a more functional tool than the iPad and other tablet devices on the market, according to the post.

This is a great deal for educators. Get your schools to buy these up, and get them to teachers asap.

Published: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: October 2, 2014

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