Microsoft Gives Band Developers More Access To SDK

The Microsoft Band has been reintroduced to the consumer market, and Microsoft is hoping that the new version of the wearable will catch users interest. They are also courting developers, and on Thursday brought out a new SDK for them.

In their Visual Studio Blog on Thursday, Microsoft shared the details about the new SDK with developers and users. It gives developers a lot of new services, access to Band Web Tiles, and Health Cloud API’s, which should be helpful.

Microsoft Updates SDK For Microsoft Band 2

New Band SDK For Microsoft Band 2

With the brand new SDK for the Microsoft Band 2, Microsoft enabled the existing SDK features, and added to that experience. The new sensors and specs of the unit should help users, and also give developers new things to program for with the Band.

First, five new sensor-based subscriptions are available. These include galvanic skin response, barometer, altimeter, RR interval, and ambient light. Also the creation of PDF 417 bar codes with data have been introduced. Last, icon limits on titles has been increased.

Microsoft's Maria Kang Updates SDK Features For Developers With Band 2

New Web Tiles

In addition to the new SDK features, Microsoft is officially releasing the Microsoft Band Web Tiles. It makes it easy to see relevant information to the band, and it can be launched from anywhere on the web. It also is cross platform for mobile.

This means that its easier to create simple conditions that trigger sending notifications to web tiles. Also, it extracts data from web sources from authenticated sources. This means private data can be shared, and doesn’t have to be publicly available data.

The Band 2 is available now, and it looks nice. With these new SDK features, it means a new experience for users and developers.

Published: Friday, November 6th, 2015 Last Modified: November 6, 2015

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