Microsoft Gives 8 Million Thai Students Office 365

Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world, and with its power, continues to help evolve education around the world. On Friday, Microsoft announced that they would give over 8 million teachers and over 400,000 teachers in Thailand Office 365 for free.

The move to give Thai students and teachers access to Office 365 for free, shows the global power of Microsoft, and its mission for good. Microsoft Office tools and skills are the most desired for the professional world, and now students can get using it early for free.

Microsoft Shows Office 365 Product To Thai Students and Teachers For Free

Why Is Office 365 Key?

Microsoft’s Office 365 is the key to reforming education in Thailand, and its official blog outlined it strategy behind the move. It shows that a large group of the young population between 15 and 24 is unemployed, and by giving them access to Office 365, it can help them move into the workplace.

With Office 365 being a cloud-based platform, students from anywhere with an Internet connection can access it, and continues Microsoft’s Thailand position in the country. It has helped over 164,00 teachers and 8 million students in the past, and Office 365 can only help that grow even further.

Microsoft Gives Office 365 To Thai Students For Free

Part Of Microsoft’s Global Strategy

The move to help students in Thailand continues the Microsoft initiative with Office 365. It has made agreements in Brazil, India, and in other countries to help students around the globe, and is part of the Microsoft in Education program. It will help students in classrooms around the globe, and get them trained for the world in the future.

Microsoft is clearly getting these students ready for the future, but also is doing a great thing around the planet. Many of these countries use bootlegged versions of Office, and by giving them access to the true product, they can ensure their security, and get a foot in the door with these students early. It also keeps them away from Google Docs and other free systems, and keeps Office 365 in the forefront of technology in these places.

Microsoft in Education is one of the best programs around. Now, students in Thailand can experience Office 365 for free.

Published: Saturday, May 24th, 2014 Last Modified: May 24, 2014

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