Microsoft Gets Technical And Explains How to Code HTML5 In Windows 8

Html 5 Coding On Win82

HTML5 is the future, according to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and the coding platform is supported in Windows 8. Microsoft gets (very) technical in a blog post explaining how to code in the language, and how it works in Windows 8.

Fancy coding in HTML5? Go ahead, if you’re technical enough

Microsoft fancies people coding in HTML5, and to do that a blog post highlights practical examples on how the coding platform works in Windows 8. The post is designed for app developers, so pay attention if charging the plus-$1 minimum price for apps is tempting.

I’m not going to get into the technicalities of HTML5 – for non-developers and enthusiasts, it probably won’t make sense – and Microsoft is focusing on a button control built using HTML5. The buttons move away from the dull, rounded-corners button of earlier versions of Internet Explorer. Instead, like the rest of the Metro UI, it’s flat and rectangular. It looks better, so take a look for yourself by hitting the source link below.

Microsoft said two improvements have been made: more flexibility is being given to developers through what Microsoft described as enhanced styling capabilities, provided for HTML controls like < button >. The second improvement is a default Metro style for all HTML controls.

The company also said in the post developers can provided support for any language Windows 8 uses, the upcoming operating system has support for rendering apps in HTML and Javascript, and developers can make changes so the button controls work well touch devices.

The Windows 8 Release Preview is available to download now. Windows 8 launches October 26, 2012

Published: Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 Last Modified: July 31, 2012

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