Microsoft Gets Ready For Windows 10 Launch

As July 29 approaches, Microsoft is fine tuning the Windows 10 advertising and download machines for all to enjoy. While all the bits are scheduled for the 29th, Microsoft is advising users on how to get Windows 10, and what to prepare on that day. On Tuesday, more information came out on it.

The Windows 10 Free Upgrade will be available in over 190 countries starting on July 29th, and its global launch is expected to be huge. Users have reserved their free copies online, and have gotten machines ready for the update. New machines packing Windows 10 are even arriving at retailers as well.

Microsoft Shows Off New Calendar App In Windows 10

Reasons To Upgrade

In their blog post, Microsoft lists a number of reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. The biggest is the familiarity in Windows 10. This is because most Windows users have a vested interest in Windows, and want the next version. Second, personal things with Cortana will give users a personal assistant nearby.

Microsoft is using its new browser Microsoft Edge as the third reason. Gaming, particularly on Windows 10 and the new Xbox app make the fourth reason perfect with gamers. The fifth reason and sixth reasons circle around doing multiple things, and security. Both allow for more to get done, and safer.

Microsoft Shows Off Multitasking With Windows 10

Apps, Continuum and New Windows Store

The four last items are pretty exciting for Windows 10. The new Windows Hello will be available shortly after the launch, and this biometric assistant will help with passwords globally. New built-in apps have been also redone for Windows 10, and are present in all the apps available in Windows 10.

The last two items circle around continuum on Windows 10 and the new Windows Store. Continuum allows for seamless working across Windows devices, and should improve productivity for many. Lastly, a new and overhauled Windows Store should make apps and programs easier to purchase and download daily.

Windows 10 arrives on July 29th. Get your copy and tell us about it.

Published: Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 Last Modified: July 29, 2015

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