Microsoft Gets Into Original Programming On Xbox

As Microsoft continues to look for new ways to get people interested to their Xbox product, the rumors about their original content deals have been rumored. On Monday, Microsoft according to a report from Bloomberg is in the market to launch six series with three more to come.

The range of programming from Microsoft is centered on the Xbox console, and will be exclusive to the Xbox Live platform. This is another way that Microsoft is trying to get people away from the Sony Playstation 4, and gives Microsoft another edge in the next generation console race.

Microsoft Developing New Series For Xbox Live Subscribers Leaked In Bloomberg Report

What Kind Of Programming?

Microsoft is in the production of six different original series according to reports. The initial three are highly interesting. A Halo television series from Steve Spielberg, a documentary about the rise and fall of Atari, and live event coverage from Bonnaroo in June 2014 are the first out the gates.

Additionally, Microsoft will be producing a soccer series named “Every Street United”, a Halo digital feature project, and a drama named Humans. All of these series are unique in that they haven’t been done before, are exclusive to the content market, and will debut only on the Xbox platform to view.

Microsoft Brings On Sarah Silverman To Develop Xbox Live Original Programming

Microsoft In Production Shows

In addition to the shows already being made, Microsoft is alos making a series called Fearless that centers around a clearance diver and shark attack survivor. The last two series are a comedy series founded by Sarah Silverman and a hybrid stop motion animation project from the creators of Robot Chicken. These three series seem like definite hits, and should give Microsoft a lot of new subscribers to Xbox Live.

All of these later shows seem like they will have a lot of traction, and a lot of viewers to watch them. Sarah Silverman is a huge name and the fact that Microsoft got her onboard with an original project is huge. Robot Chicken fans will also flock to this new series, and should give the Xbox Live ecosystem a great boost of clout with these series. No dates have been announced on these series, but should come out later this year.

Microsoft has never done original content and this is the first step. Netflix and Amazon are doing it, so why shouldn’t Microsoft?

Published: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 Last Modified: April 8, 2014

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