Microsoft Found Infringing Patents On Windows Phones

The world of Windows Phones have grown over the past year, as Microsoft encourages more users and developers to enjoy and embrace the growing platform. But on Monday, news from the International Trade Commission might have stalled that, with patent fringing claims against Microsoft.

On Monday, the International Trade Commission found that Microsoft had violated software giant InterDigital Inc’s technology on its mobile phones. The two patents that the company violated were potentially big ones, and ones that could cost Microsoft a lot of money in the future.

Microsoft Found Guilty Of Patent Violations In ITC Case

Patent Violations

The two patent violations that Microsoft were found guilty of violated, concerns the companies patents related to moderating a mobile phones power to reduce signal interference. The company initially sued Nokia in 2007 for violating the infringements, but the ITC cleared them and sent the case back to the appeals court.

The court case has been in process for a number of years, and as Microsoft purchased Nokia’s phone and mobile business, Microsoft assumes liability in these patent violations. Microsoft wants to continue discussions with the company, and their phones will not be stopped from entering the US as a result of these patent findings.

Microsoft Fights InterDigital In Phone Patent Case With ITC

Microsoft To Continue Appeal

Microsoft stated that they would be appealing the decision, and making future comments about the case at a later time. Microsoft stated that they have had a successful track record in patent assertion, and industry standards were being misued with these patents. Microsoft should be appealing these later this year.

Patent cases like these have been discussed a lot in the media as of late, and Microsoft is the latest victim is one thinks that way. If Interdigital Inc’s patents were truly violated, then Microsoft should pay or license them. But, if this is a patent troll type case, then this case hopefully goes away soon.

Microsoft will keep on fighting Interdigital on this case. Hopefully they will prevail, and let Windows Phones grow in the marketplace.

Published: Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 Last Modified: April 28, 2015

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