Microsoft Fixes Windows 8 Release Preview Bug Even Though Non-Final

Windows 8 Release Preview Bug Fixed

Despite the Windows 8 Release Preview being a non-final build of Windows, and probably outdated, Microsoft has released a fix for users experience lock-ups that can only be cured by a manual reset.

Fixing an early build of Windows? That’s what Microsoft did, and details are inside

If you’ve been experiencing problems in the Windows 8 Release Preview, especially if you’re using an Intel machine and the OS is not responding, then there’s a solution available. After Microsoft privately released a fix because battery life was affected, the solution is available for all.

Paul Thurrott of Windows IT Pro collected 500 user e-mails reporting the issue, sent it to Microsoft and got a reply last month with a solution. Microsoft said it hadn’t seen the issue in testing, but later confirmed it existed and had been fixed in later builds. Still, it sent a solution to Thurrott but said not to publish because battery life was reduced.

This Monday, the aforementioned fix was published by Microsoft (link below) and released the fix through Windows Update. All Windows 8 Release Preview users are advised to update immediately.

Quick Turnaround: Sign Of Things To Come?

It’s encouraging news that Microsoft is quickly working on solutions. Windows doesn’t have a smooth history of launches – Vista being the obvious example – with the safe decision to be to wait for Service Pack 1, so it’s be nice if Microsoft launched a patched OS from day one. With two operating systems running together, effectively, that’s probably going to increase the chance of issues.

The bug affects every PC using Sandy Bridge or Ivy Core chips, despite claims the issue was rare. As Windows IT Pro said, the pre-release version of Windows 8 is the most popular ever so a fix seems like a no-brainer. That’s despite mixed reception from some users over Metro, which continues to puzzle me. That’s another article for another time, though.

There’s also a second bug which involves network files transfer, but that’s apparently hard to find the cause of so there’s no fix for that as of writing. Stay tuned for if or when a fix arrives.

Windows 8 release later October; no specific release date has been given. There’s a $39.99 upgrade offer for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users.

Published: Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 Last Modified: July 11, 2012

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