Microsoft Finally Announces Office Mobile For iPhone

On Friday, Microsoft announced general availability of its Office Mobile for iPhone product via iTunes for US buyers. With this announcement and release, the rumors of a Microsoft Office product for the iPhone can finally end

In a blog post Friday, Microsoft announced that US users will be able to use the Office Mobile for iPhone application immediately. The app is availability via the Apple App Store, and does require a subscription to the Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 ProPlus plan through Microsoft.


Editing of Documents Over the Cloud

One of the major ideas behind the Office Mobile for iPhone product is the ability to edit Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents in the cloud. The application connect with the Microsoft Skydrive application and allows users to edit these documents and spreadsheets in the cloud, with ease and the ability to access their documents anywhere.

Consistent Experience Online and Mobile

With the Office Mobile for iPhone product, Microsoft delivers a constant and consistent experience for users whether they are online or mobile. Formatting, charts, and any other type of custom macros will be available to users from wherever they access their documents and that will please most Microsoft Office users.

Easy to Access Documents

Users will be able to access their documents from anywhere with the latest Office Mobile for iPhone application, and they can find their most recent documents in the recent documents panel of the application. Users who use the Office 365 product will find the ability to access their documents from anywhere a strong plus of this application.

The Office Mobile for iPhone product was built to be optimized for mobile users, and includes the ability to share documents via email or via the SkyDrive application. A subscription to Office 365 is required to use the mobile application. In addition, the installation of the mobile office application doesn’t count towards the 5 computer installation limit on Office 365. It counts as a mobile application and with that will give users even more reasons to try Office 365 out.

This satisfies most Office users with a mobile application. With its general release in other countries in time, Microsoft is delivering a mobile Microsoft Application for all.

Published: Saturday, June 15th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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