Microsoft Files Patent for Projector Eyewear and Headset for Xbox and More

Microsoft Projector Eyewear

Patent shows off projector eyewear, including a full gaming headset for Xbox 360. Check out the screenshots below

Microsoft patent shows off high resolution eyewear and headset for services, including the Xbox

Xbox Projector Eyewear Headset

A new patent has been uncovered, from Microsoft, that showed off protective eyewear for the Xbox and a headset. It’s an interesting discovery, but is it something that could be viable for gaming?

The patent shows off something resembling a flight helmet, with a pair of sunglasses-esque eyewear that seem to go along with the helmet. The sunglasses seem to be aimed at working with MP3 players, mobile devices and more.

Microsoft also says that the a “compact display may be coupled into goggles, a helmet or other eyewear.” The result is that the wearer could view the display from a range of devices, from computers to smartphones. Also, the patent says there could be two different displays – one for each eye. The patent goes on to say using two different displays concurrently could work with virtual reality programs.

The sunglasses – the first half of the patent – looked like ordinary glasses, but actually include a pair of projectors to display virtual reality images. Users can also wear the sunglasses a “short distance” in front of their eyes.

The sunglasses’, referred to as the “wearable mount,” projectors have an aspect ratio of 16:9. However, this will appear to wearers as if 21 inches in diagonal length and viewed at arms length.

The patent also goes on to say that the glasses may be partially transparent, at least, allowing wearers to see external objects along with virtual display images (could users be required to walk around?). Microsoft seems to think that gamers could be greatly involved in the game while being able to see some of the outside world, which seems counterproductive.

The patent also goes on to say that the lenses in the glasses may correct the brightness and/or focus of external objects.

There may also be 3D support, with the glasses projecting two slightly different images and therefore creating a 3D image. Another version also says two identical images may be shown at the same time.

Xbox usage

Regarding using the glasses and/or headset with the Xbox, the helmet has a display visor and could be used from “gaming to aviation.”

Published: Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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