Microsoft Expands Yammer To 28 Languages

Yammer as we have discussed in previous articles, is one of Microsoft’s crown jewels with the enterprise and business customers, and its always updating schedule makes it a must have for businesses. On Friday, Microsoft expanded the languages of Yammer, and will allow more users around the world to use Yammer more than ever.

June 2014 marked the update where Microsoft noted that Yammer would be getting a major update. It has delivered on the update with the language expandability, and will surely give business users more of a global outreach with the update. It will make Yammer more widely used, and get more business customers for Microsoft as well.

Microsoft's Yammer Expands To Over 28 Languages

Yammer Supports 28 Languages

Expanding on their original announcement, Microsoft has stated on Friday that Yammer now supports 28 different languages. It supports 25 different languages on the mobile iOS and Android platforms, and 26 different languages in the Windows Notifier. Lastly, it supports up to 28 different localized email notifications, which will allow them to speak in a company network.

This means that Yammer can and will be used in a wider amount of countries than ever before. It’s expansion means that more companies can use it, communicate with it, and utilize it throughout their needs. It means it’s just more than just a desktop tool, and makes the mobile portion of Yammer bigger than ever. Either way, it means Yammer is growing faster than ever.

Microsoft's Yammer Means Enterprise Social Interactions Grow Globally

Yammer Email Notification Supporting Features

Now, Yammer supports organic activation emails, meaning when people sign up and activate their Yammer account. Additionally, it now includes the Yammer now promote, which will allow users to email themselves and get the link to the Yammer Now app. Session creations allow for logging in from a new device or web browser too. Lastly, group messages allow for mail sent when a new message is delivered or sent.

In its blog post, Microsoft stated that Yammer would be getting further language expansion, and be building on the number of countries it supports as well. The expansion of Yammer means that the enterprise will be kept satisfied, and that the world of Yammer will be expanding as well. Yammer is continually growing and as Yammer gets more and more users, it means that social interactions between them will grow too.

Yammer is a big tool for Microsoft. Now, more countries around the globe can use it quicker than ever.

Published: Monday, November 24th, 2014 Last Modified: November 24, 2014

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