Microsoft Expands Wind Energy Initiative

Microsoft is a company that is clearly thinking forward in regards to its sustainability and its future, and powering its datacenters is one of the big reasons. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced a major 175-megawatt wind farm deal, ensuring its commitment to Wind Energy.

While many might think of this as a non tech related matter, you really have to think about what powers these massive Azure and Office 365 datacenters. While electricity is the main fuel behind them, wind energy and renewable energy is the future for these massive creations.

Microsoft Signs Massive Wind Farm Deal For Its Future

Microsoft’s Wind Farm Deal

In its Wednesday announcement, Microsoft announced that they will purchase 175 megawatts of wind energy from the Pilot Hill Wind Project in Illinois, around 60 miles from Chicago. This is a 20-year agreement for Microsoft, and its the second deal that Microsoft has signed in recent times for wind energy.

This wind farm which launches and comes online in 2015, will be Microsoft’s biggest wind project, and the biggest purchase from a single facility. This amount of energy created, will power Microsoft’s Chicago datacenter, and produces enough energy to power up to 70,000 homes in the Illinois region, according to the release.

Microsoft Invests In Wind Farms and Environment To Power Datacenters

Microsoft’s Future In Wind Energy

Microsoft made a deal in 2013 for Wind Energy, and truly believes in it to power its massive datacenters. It provides a low-cost energy source, and ensures a cleaner grid to supply energy to those datacenters that are built, and will come online soon. It also helps this new wind farm to build up with the investment from Microsoft.

Companies like Microsoft see wind energy as the main power that their new datacenters need to power cloud services, like Azure and Office 365. To lower its carbon footprint and environment impact, Microsoft builds its credit in the environmental space too. Microsoft received an internal carbon fee which helped pay for the investment as well. Microsoft is accountable for its datacenters and their output, and insuring that they produce clean energy and are powered by it, is a huge step for Microsoft.

This wind energy is great for the environment and Microsoft. It provides clean energy and proves the future is the cloud.

Published: Thursday, July 17th, 2014 Last Modified: July 17, 2014

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