Microsoft Expands Azure ML To Southeast Asia

The Azure world is something that goes beyond just simple borders, and has gotten lots of enterprises to use it around the world. Microsoft realizes this, and sees Southeast Asia as a major market. Now, Azure ML has a new home in Southeast Asia.

On Friday, Microsoft announced the expansion of Azure ML into Southeast Asia, giving those compannies more localized machine learning. This should make it quicker for data to be recovered, used, and utilized within the very growing Southeast Asia region.

Microsoft Grows Azure ML Into SE Asia

Getting Started

Now, all an Azure ML user has to do, it go into the Azure management portal and create a storage account in Southeast Asia. Users can get these automatically provisioned if they wish, but it will go according to geographic regions, so should appear local if you are there.

Then, the user can create a new Azure ML workspace. They can click Southeast Asia in the location area, and supply the credentials. There, they can also have their storage accounts be co-located in the workplace, and this will ensure low latency for their data.

Microsoft Lets Users Access ML Workspaces In SE Asia With Azure ML

Growing The Workspace

One the user creates the workspace, they can click sign into the ML studio, and then open in studio to access it. Once that opens up, the experiments, datasets, and web services will be available in that region. This will be helpful to SE Asia customers and enterprises.

It is noted in their tech blog at Microsoft, that users will need to select a region before selecting a workspace under that region, to minimize duplication of experiments. Some bugs and limitations are noted in this rollout, but are being actively worked on by Microsoft.

If you are in SE Asia, Azure ML is here. Try it out, and minimize latency in your SE Asian company today.

Published: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 Last Modified: August 25, 2015

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