Microsoft Expands Android Office Preview

Office on Android has been something that only some users have got to enjoy, due to a preview program that Microsoft setup to roll it out slowly. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced an expansion of it. This expansion should bring Office to a lot more Android tablet users who want to use it.

The Office for Android tablet preview program was initially launched in November, and with it, Microsoft had pretty strict criteria on who was let it. The latest news today, means that more can enjoy Office on their Android tablets, with certain exceptions, but still giving them Office on Android.

Microsoft Expands Office On Android Tablet Program Preview

Android On Office

With the latest announcement, Microsoft is expanding the Office for Android tablet preview to more tablets. Microsoft is stating that the initial round of feedback has been essential into making it a better program, and thus allowing it now to be available to more users. They will need units to fit it though.

With the rollout, Microsoft is allowing users to signup with more tablets. They will need an ARM-based Android tablet running KitKat or Lollipop, and with a screen size 7″ or larger. This will give the Android Office experience its best chance, and users can start downloading it right away.

Microsoft Makes Word Docs Easy With Office On Android For Tablets

How To Get It

Microsoft is making it very easy to get the Office on Android tablet program. Initially it required signing up and going through a process, but its become a lot more streamlined. Users can start downloading it today from the Google Play, download the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint preview apps, and start using them.

Microsoft is requesting users to send them feedback, and is actively seeking it via their Google Plus Community, social media channels, and direct emails to Microsoft. Android tablets are selling in huge numbers, and Microsoft wants to give Android tablet users the best Office experience they can today.

I’ve been testing it and it works great. Now, more can use it starting today.

Published: Thursday, January 8th, 2015 Last Modified: January 8, 2015

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