Microsoft Event: New Xbox 720 To Be Revealed On May 21st

Watch Xbox Live Event May 21.Jpg Anticipation for Microsoft’s follow up to their flagship home consoles heating up and there is a date for all those interested to mark into their calendar! May 21st.

This is the date that Microsoft are finally going to “pull back the curtains” on their next-gen home console.
The hype for the new console is such that there will be a live global stream from and Xbox LIVE of the special press event unveiling the release. The event which will take place on the Xbox campus will also be broadcasted on Spike TV.

First glimpse of new Xbox

This will be the first official glimpse of the new Xbox and the buzz is spreading with the hashtag “XboxReveal” trending on Twitter soon after this announcement from Microsoft. A line-up of games for the new console is set for release and exposure 19 days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

The massively popular Xbox 360 shipped over 77 million units worldwide and along with Xbox Live established Microsoft as a leader in the home entertainment industry.

Critics are querying whether the appetite is there for next-gen consoles this time-round however due to a different economic climate and a lukewarm reception to Nintendo’s next-gen console Wii-U that has had lacklustre sales.

Rumours surrounding new Xbox

Following reports that the new console will feature “always-on” connectivity earlier this month there was a backlash within the gaming community as many questioned the feature. This prompted Microsoft’s creative director to retort on Twitter that he didn’t “get the drama” as it is now “the world we live”.

This ruffled more feathers and led to Orth quitting his job and Microsoft to distancing themselves from the comments.
Microsoft will of course be hoping this latest announcement will get the launch back on track and increase the anticipation for the new console.
There has been little indication of what the event will actually unveil with director of programming, Larry Hryb, simply stating that it will mark “a new generation of games”.

The huge user base of the current-gen Xbox 360 however means the excitement and buzz for this release is sure to increase in the coming weeks.

Published: Friday, April 26th, 2013 Last Modified: April 26, 2013

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