Microsoft Ending Support For IE 8-10 On Tuesday January 12, 2016

Internet Explorer as been around for the longest period of time at Microsoft, and its existance and updates have powered the web. But, as technologies evolve, so must IE. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced end of life for IE versions 8-10 on Tuesday.

Microsoft will be issuing a final patch for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10 on January 12th. The patch will include nagging messages that will encourage users to update to modern versions of IE.

Microsoft Announcing ENd Of Life For Internet Explorer Versions 8-10

What Is End Of Life?

By stamping End Of Life onto these versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft will stop sending security updates or patches to these versions of IE. This will open them up to possible vulnerabilities in the future.

Users can update to Internet Explorer 11, and escape all of these messages. The newest versions of Internet Explorer are built for the browser and Internet of today. Newer versions of Internet Explorer are encouraged to download.

Microsoft Teases Users With IE 8 Promo Which Is Now At End Of Life

IE 11 and Microsoft Edge Left

By cycling out of the Internet Explorer older versions, Microsoft will be concentrating on Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 is built for both, and is the idea of where Microsoft wants to take users on the web.

Developers as well can stop programming for older versions of Internet Explorer. The enterprise is the only place where older versions of Internet Explorer could exist, but Microsoft will work with those clients on their own.

If you run IE 8-10, update to 11. Otherwise, get your last patch and hope for the best.

Published: Monday, January 11th, 2016 Last Modified: January 11, 2016

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