Microsoft Edge To Be A More Secure Browser

Microsoft’s Edge browser started out as the Spartan browser, and gained a lot of interest as Microsoft’s alternative browser for Windows 10. As Microsoft renamed it to Microsoft Edge, a lot was left in the open in regards to its features. On Wednesday, Microsoft talked more about Microsoft Edge.

During its Windows Blog on Wednesday, Microsoft talked about Microsoft Edge. It stated that they want Microsoft Edge to be a more secure and safer browser, and to product users. It will use sandboxing, compiling and management services to ensure that Microsoft Edge stays ahead of the browser curve.

Microsoft Goes Into Details For Microsoft Edge Browser For First Time

Credentials & Guarding Against Fake Sites

Microsoft stated that with Microsoft Edge, they will be using Microsoft Passport technology with asymmetric cryptography to authenticate users to websites. This will unlock devices to access Microsoft Passport, and thus access sites. This means that complicated passwords could go away, and a secure way to visit websites.

Microsoft Edge will also feature Microsoft SmartScreen, and this will protect users from phishing sites. It will block bad sites, perform reputation checks on sites, and more. Additionally, Certificate Reputation will be rolled out, and fraudulent certificates will be reported back to Bing and Microsoft.

Microsoft's Edge Browser Leading Security Race For Browsers

Web Standards & Secure Extensions

Microsoft is focused on using Microsoft EdgeHTML with Edge. It will be focused on web standards, and support W3C standard policies. Additionally, support for HTTP Strict Transport Security will be enabled, making connections always secure. Edge will also make the browsers code more secure via the browsers memory commands.

Microsoft Edge will also no longer support VML, VB Script, Toolbars, BHOs, or ActiveX. HTML 5 will be enabled more, and HTML/JS-based extension models will be enabled later in the year. Since Microsoft Edge will be an app, it will be secure as well. It will be 64-bit, guarded against memory corruption, and be a very secure browser for sure.

Microsoft Edge is built for security and browser safety. It’s not a hackers browser, but one that could possibly be the most secure one on the market, when it launches.

Published: Thursday, May 14th, 2015 Last Modified: May 14, 2015

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