Microsoft-EA Xbox Coup: Exclusive Titles, Mass Effect 4 and Battlefield 4 “First On Xbox”?

Mass Effect 4 News Microsoft surely knows exactly what Sony is up to and apparently the competition is so strong that MSFT is shelling out money to get exclusive games or content from EA

Staggered Release Dates: Titles Like Mass Effect 4 and Battlefield 4 Could Be Released For NextGen Xbox First

According to CVG and various rumors, EA and Microsoft teamed up – this could mean exclusive games or it could mean that EA will provide exclusive content. EA recently announced that they will add micro-transactions to all upcoming games. Hence, we could also see different micro-transactions on different platforms.

Exclusive Xbox 720 Content For Mass Effect 4.Jpg

However, this most likely won’t mean that titles like Mass Effect 4 will be available for Xbox 8 or Xbox 720 exclusively, but it’s certainly possible that some games will remain exclusive to Microsoft’s console for a limited time and will be available on other platforms later on.

Certainly, if the rumors are true, there will also be games that you will find on no other platform, but we can’t imagine that Mass Effect 4 or other high-profile AAA games will remain exclusive. All in all, it looks like both consoles will be worth a buy for hardcore gamers.

Fifa 2014 With Exclusive Players On Next-Gen?

Another EA title Fifa 2014 could receive exclusive in-game items such as players that will be only available on Microsoft’s console. This would be rather easy to implement.

While EA Teams Up With Microsoft, Activision Goes With Sony

Activision will be releaseding exclusive content for the Playstation 4 edition of Destiny

Bungie’s upcoming game “Destiny” will have various content exclusive to Playstation 3 and 4. Step Activision who’s publishing the game, announced a holiday 2013 release

Published: Thursday, February 28th, 2013 Last Modified: February 28, 2013

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