Microsoft Dynamics CRM Released To Enterprise

For enterprise customers, the release of any major update to enterprise level software is exciting, and Microsoft released a big one for them on Monday. With the release of the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, social and customer experiences can be achieved in all new ways.

The new cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives enterprise customers a ton of new updates, templates, and step-by-step process guidelines to help them analyze their data and more. The solutions which is available in 42 markets around the world will be available via partners and more on October 31st.

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Available For Enterprise Customers

New Social Insights and Industry Templates

The first major thing customers will see are the new social insights available in the package. Now realtime company and contact information from over 30,000 sources are available for customers, and professionals from all different focuses of life will be able to interact with it and gain valuable data.

The second major notable update are the new industry templates. The pre-defined and configurable templates will guide customers every part of the way, and has templates available for any number of industries and businesses. They are available at no charge, and should please many enterprise customers with its simplicity and use.

Customers Are Focus Of New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Release

Better Customer Relationships

New features are great for IT professionals, but customers will also see major updates with the new Microsoft Dynamics release. A new people-first design will make it simple to use and the ability to get in, use it, and get to the data right away will make users around the world much happier. By giving users one place to see all their data about their customers, it will make more customers and enterprise customers want to use the Dynamics CRM product from Microsoft

Other noticeable updates to the software release are about the customer experience. An outcome-driven user experience helps with desired outcomes, and can be tailored towards specific user and customer desires. Also, the social tools that integrate Yammer into the Social Dynamics product have also been built into the package. These Yammer updates will help bring in conversations to the customer relationship experience.

Overall, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM update is huge for customer relationship experiences. It helps Microsoft build its billion dollar plus enterprise business, and helps enterprise customers choose Microsoft over others in this very competitive world of dynamics.

Published: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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