Microsoft Develops Selfie App For The iPhone

In the past two years, Microsoft has developed and cofounded a number of iPhone apps that have pleased iPhone fans. This past week, Microsoft unveiled their latest, which is a dedicated selfie app for selfie fans.

The new Selfie App as Microsoft calls it, debuted early on January 1st, 2016 and arrived without much fanfare. The app mimics the companies previous Lumia Selfie app, and is available for free from the iTunes Store.

Microsoft Releases Selfie App For iPhone

Selfie App

With the new Selfie app, Microsoft is giving iPhone users a dedicated and one touch app for selfies. It improves photo qualities like color balance, skin tone, and lighting. All, which make better selfies to share with others.

The app is also using the vast Microsoft cloud to build this app and compute better photographs for people. It takes the previous guess your age on a photo to a new level. It has 13 filter options and is a fun app.

Microsoft Selfie App Takes Fun Selfie Apps With A Purpose

Selfies For The Masses

This selfie app from Microsoft could show many how cool the selfie is again courtesy of Microsoft. With the 13 filter options like 1965, BlueDawn, and others, users can see their photo and compare it to the other options available.

This app is available for free, and has gotten a number of good reviews from iPhone fans already. It’s a fun app, one that takes pretty nice selfies, and is camera pleaser. Users can start downloading it today.

If you take selfies on your iPhone, try it out today. It’s free, and from Microsoft.

Published: Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 Last Modified: January 5, 2016

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