Microsoft Details June Xbox One Updated

The Xbox One from Microsoft continues to evolve, and with it, continues to give features to users that they want. On Wednesday, Microsoft via the Xbox Wire detailed the upcoming changes coming next month. The wide variety of changes should please many Xbox One users.

The Xbox One June update will give Xbox One users a number of different features. The features include being able to add your friends real names, external hard drives, and improved options for the SmartGlass with Xbox One. No date was announced though for the update.

Microsoft Shows Off External Drive Support For Xbox One With June Update

External Hard Drive Support Added

Many users of the Xbox One complain about the huge game installation sizes of the Xbox One, and with its 500 GB hard drive, and an average game at 25-30 GB it makes sense. Microsoft in its June update, will allow users who have external hard drives to expand the storage abilities of the Xbox One.

Microsoft detailed that the hard drives will need to be a minimum of 256 GB or larger, and be USB 3.0 formatted. Users wil then be able to copy and move games, apps, and game add-ons, to improve storage capacity. Just bring along the disk and drive, and you’ll be able to play a game on the road.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users Ways To Enable Real Names Versus Gamertags

Real Names and SmartGlass

Additionally, Microsoft detailed the ability to add real names to a users friends list, and that should make it easier to organize large lists of friends. Users can change these settings at any time, but the ability to see a John Smith versus their gamer tag will make it easier to find a friend online.

Lastly, SmartGlass will give users the ability to view the full OneGuide and the Universal Remote Control. Additionally, Pin Reordering can be done on the SmartGlass, along with a number of other features. Users can load the SmartGlass on their phones, tablets, or laptops, and give the user a full Xbox One experience. Additionally, an automatic sign-on will be enabled on the Xbox One, which will make sign-ons a lot easier.

The June updates are great for the Xbox One. External drive support will make many users with lots of games very happy.

Published: Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: May 22, 2014

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