Microsoft Denies Office 2013 For iPad, Will Windows 8’s Version Take Precedence?

Office 2013 For Ipad Thumb News of Microsoft releasing Office 2013 for iPad widely next year had been rebutted by Microsoft, following claims from a Microsoft employee the software is arriving.

Will Office 2013 for iOS and Android happen? Maybe, though likely not before it arrives on Windows 8, and definitely not this year

Office 2013 For Ipad

Microsoft said the information from its Czech subsidiary isn’t accurate via e-mail, following the same response in a tweet. It appeared, briefly, iPad owners would see Office on the device, a needed move considering Apple is the market leader, at least in the eyes of owners.

The rumour was Office 2013 for iOS, and Android, would release this year with a wide consumer release in 2013. As mentioned in the report, rumours of Office for iPad have been consistently rumored. Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s head of corporate communications, added in following tweets the clarification was clear.

The bit about a wide consumer release in 2013 lines up with Microsoft’s announcement on the Office blog, revealing Office 2012 for Windows 8 releases widely during the beginning of the year. It might not make sense for Microsoft to release a version of Office on competitors before Windows 8’s counterpart.

An iPad launch Seems Inevitable, But Not In The Near Future

Office 2013 for tablets is probably going to launch on Windows 8 first and its design may be similar to if an app releases on iOS. The My Xbox Live app for iOS uses a Modern UI design with its focus on titles to great effect. It provides a window into what Microsoft’s platforms provide, though users will divide whether that’s enough Modern UI.

The difficulty for Microsoft is launching Office 2013 on iOS and then seeing uses stay with iOS, or Android. The app stores have greater developer support than Windows 8, and Microsoft needs developer support quickly if its to reach 100,000 apps next year. A successful Windows platform should have the potential to get strong developer support, and is perhaps the only platform capable of rivaling Apple’s iPads.

Windows 8 launches October 26 worldwide; Microsoft is holding a celebration event on October 25, launching its Surface tablet-laptop hybrid at midnight, though pricing isn’t confirmed. Office 2012 launches generally during Q1 2013.

Published: Saturday, October 13th, 2012 Last Modified: October 13, 2012

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