Microsoft Delivers Development Courses Via edX

Education in the computer and tech industry is so important, and as the move to get more educated grows, the ability to take courses from anywhere becomes more important. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced a new initiative with edX, to deliver development courses on their online learning platform.

The Microsoft online developer courses are being added to the MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses. Microsoft is the first corporate client to get on board, and the idea is to educate anyone from around the world with the learnings of Microsoft, and the ability to access it from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams With edX With New Developer Classes Online

Which Courses Are Included?

In the first round of courses that are scheduled to start at the end of March, Microsoft is bringing out a number of its more popular classes for users to start learning from today. They include Programming with C#, Introduction to Typescript, Introduction to Bootstrap, Querying With Transact SQL and others.

In addition to the programming courses, Microsoft is also bringing out other courses like: Building Cloud Apps With Microsoft Azure, Introduction to Office 365 API’s, and Windows PowerShell Fundamentals. All of these are meant for the developer as well as the programmer to learn from Microsoft.

Microsoft Shows Students Windows Powershell Fundamentals In New edX ClassOneNote Updated With Office 365 and Keyboard

Micorosft and Education Win

With this move, everyone wins here. Microsoft wants to help focus students on the most widely applicable and demanding skills immediately. By doing this, they are encouraging people to learn right away, and to learn from it today. Students can audit these Microsoft courses for free, or get a verified certificate for a small fee.

These sets of classes are great, and they provide anyone who can access them with a good set of computer and developer knowledge. From C# to Azure, all of these classes will give students and aspiring developers a fundamental theory of how to program using Microsoft’s own tools, taught by their people.

Microsoft and edX won today by a longshot. Free classes always are a winner for anyone.

Published: Thursday, March 12th, 2015 Last Modified: March 12, 2015

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