Microsoft Delivers Atari Documentary Documentary

On Friday, details about the first ever Microsoft and Xbox Entertainment Studios project were released, and will please those who have followed the video game industry for a while. The Atari documentary will tell the storied video game companies history.

The first ever documentary release from Microsoft is aimed to show the early history of Atari and the early days of video games and the video game industry. Many of today’s video game players have only heard of the name Atari, and now Microsoft wants to tell its story.

Xbox Entertainment Studios Announces First Project

Project Background

In the Xbox Entertainment Studio release, the focus will be on a video game grave where millions of unsold game cartridges lay in the New Mexico desert. As the scavengers went through the desert, they were on the hunt for the elusive “E.T.” title which has been rated one of the worst in all time video game history.

In the story, the 1982 release of ET will be chronicled along with the story of Atari, how it got started, and the legends behind the early days of video games. Simon and Jonathan Chinn is starting to film this in early 2014, and later in the year will debut the film on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

Lightbox Studios To Produce Xbox Entertainment Studios First Project

Why Microsoft Is Doing This

Microsoft is doing this to launch exclusive titles just for the Xbox Live Gold ecosystem and for the Xbox One. As exclusive titles and movies are ways to gain subscribers, companies like Microsoft are doing whatever they can do get new subscribers, and at the same time keep those existing ones happy as well.

Microsoft and Atari existed in the early days of technology in the 1980’s, and while the two companies never went head to head on products, the video game component, especially today is still there. It will show the beginning era of video games, the story of Atari, the troubled past of the game “ET”, and much more. Atari is a name that most video game players know, and now this Xbox Entertainment Studios documentary will tell its full story.

I had the Atari and loved it. I can’t wait to see how this Microsoft documentary tells the story of the company.

Published: Saturday, December 21st, 2013 Last Modified: December 21, 2013

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